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    2019-2020 English 10 Honors Summer Reading Assignment

    Mrs. Stratton

    Thank you for choosing honors level English.  You will need to read and complete the following assignments to be adequately prepared for future assignments during the school year.  The summer assignment is to be turned in on the first day of school.  You will be tested over the material from the summer assignment in the first week of school.  Late work will not be accepted.  This course is designed to challenge you and requires more work than English 10.  If you have failed to complete your summer assignment, you will be advised to change to an English 10 class. 


    Required Reading:          Lord of the Flies by William Golding

    Mythology by Edith Hamilton: Chapter 1 “The Gods” (through p.37 only)


    Please note that you do not have to purchase these texts, as they are available in the public library; however, you will need them for class discussion and assignments.  We will be using the mythology text extensively.


    *Also note that we will cover the summer work throughout the first semester.  For this reason, I suggest that you make notes as you are reading; mark up the text or use sticky notes to mark the text as if you will be later asked to summarize and explain the contents to someone else.  *These will be helpful for preparation for both the summer reading test and class work later in the semester.


    Required Writing:  Study Guide for Lord of the Flies

    Complete the study guide that is linked below.  Work must be handwritten. Answers do not have to be in complete sentences, but make sure that they are both thorough and legible. If I cannot read your handwriting, you will not earn credit.


    Literary Terms: A list of literary terms is available below.  Define and provide at least one example for each term. Definitions must be handwritten on another paper.  I strongly suggest using note cards because then you will easily be able to add and reorder the terms in your junior and senior years. Examples may be from any source, but please make sure that you do not choose an example that does not make sense or is not relevant to you. The terms are divided into four sections; label and define them in sections.  We will review, and you will be tested over one section for each of the first few weeks of school. You do not need to turn these in, but you will need them for review and, of course, studying.


    Notes For Mythology: For Chapter 1 from Mythology,  notes chart available below.   



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