I follow the rules of the 
    Copley High School Student Handbook


    Classroom Rules:


    1.    Be your best.

    2.    Be on time and ready to work.
    3.    Be respectful to yourself and others.
    4.    Complete your assignment in a timely manner.


    Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)


    1.    Approved technology devices may be used for educational purposes with teacher permission.


    2.    Please refer to the student handbook section 3.02 for specific guidelines.


    3.    My classroom:  Except for calculators, technology should be put away when the bell rings.  Phones, iPods, or anything else can NOT be used as a calculator.  There is a classroom set of calculators.  Technology is not permitted during assessments (no         music during tests / quizzes), and not allowed while working on Math XL assignments.




       o    1st nine weeks:   Reminders and then Warnings

       o    2nd nine weeks:   Phone will be returned at the end of class

       o    3rd nine weeks:   Phone will be returned at the end of the day.

       o    4th nine weeks:   Phone will be turned in to the office, subject to the school policy on technology.


    Tardy to class

    1.   2nd Tardy--Teacher Warning
    2.   3rd and 4th Tardy--Teacher Detention
    3.   5th and More--Office referral. 


    1.   Receive Verbal and Written Warnings
    2.   Complete a “Reflection Worksheet”-If not sincerely completed within one school day, possible office referral.  
    3.   Contact parents / guardians.  Email to Mr. Oden.
    4.   “The Terrible Awful Number Writing Task”.  If not completed within one school day, possible office referral.
    5.        Office Referral

                                               *Severe disruptions will be sent immediately to the office.*



    1.   Feeling warm and fuzzy inside because you know that you tried your best and

          learned a whole bunch. (Does there even need to be any other reward????)

    2.   Homework pass

    3.   Library pass