• This year we have ....

    • gone to the Something Russian Festival  (Oct)
    • taken part of Sundae Social / Cultural Awareness: Venazula (Nov)
    • shared in Holidays Around the World (Dec)  
    • celebrated Chinese New Year : Year of the Monkey (Jan)  
    • created Black History Month Poster (Jan) 
    • volunteered at Ohio Special Olympics Nordic Competition (Feb) 
    • wore Purple to bring Dating Violence Awareness throughout the CHS!(Feb)
    We even have a large display case that we have been showcasing some different cultures (to expose to the whole student body) :
    •    Greece and India 
    •    China and Venazula 
    •    Capoeira: Brazil Martial Arts
    •     Peru
     And we are not done yet!  If you like to join us, come check us out at the next meeting.  Love learning new things all the time.  
    If you are interested in sharing about your culture with the group or have great ideas,  please email me at mable.gracen@copley-fairlawn.org

     Please Note:  Keep “your eyes peeled” for these upcoming events through newsletters/website. Make note: in order to go to such events you need to participate in meetings and events.

Last Modified on March 1, 2016