• Food Service
  • Mr. Steve Robinson
    Business Manager
    Phone: (330) 664-4810
    Fax: (330) 664-4811

  • Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year
    The Copley-Fairlawn City School District offers a variety of nutritious meals that meet the USDA guidelines for school meals.  Each kitchen offers choices of delicious entrees, sides and ocassionally deserts.  The options provided should tempt most students.  Our online menu system will not only let parents and students see what is being served, it also provides nutritional, allergen and cultural information for each meal.  We hope you will give us a try!

    Please note that during the 2021-2022 school year, all students will be provided free meals regardless of their free or reduced-price lunch status.

    Adult Meal Prices:
    Breakfast - $2.00
    Lunch - $4.75 
    Charge Policy:
    Charges of tray lunches are permitted but we ask that you keep them to a minimum.  Charges are not permitted for snacks, water or other ala carte items. You are able to deposit funds into your child's account using the PayforIt link on this page.  Even if you do not wish to deposit funds, you can use the PayforIt site to keep an eye on your child's lunch account balance.  Funds may also be sent by check or cash.  Please make checks payable to Copley-Fairlawn City Schools.  Also, please be sure to include your child's name on the memo line of the check.  If you are including funds for more than one student, please tell us how to split the money between the accounts.  Please note that change is not provide at the register.  Any extra money will be placed in the child's account.
    Milk Substitution Policy:
    Due to federal guidelines, students who have a milk allergy or intolerance will not be able to substitute water on the tray lunch. You will either need to provide an alternate beverage or puchase water for $0.50.  Water is also available free of charge in or near each of the cafeterias.  Student's who have life-threatening allergies to dairy products may receive a substitution upon the written authorization of their physician.  The information required to comply with federal law is very specific so please contact Steve Robinson at 330-664-4810 if your child requires a substitution becaues of a life-threatening allergy to milk.
    Payment Options
    Our food service department operates under a computerized point of sale system which allows parents/guardians to deposit money into their student’s account. All of the students have been assigned an ID number which they will keep from kindergarten through 12th grade. Parents/guardians are encouraged to prepay for their student’s lunch with a check, cash or over the internet using the Pay For It link on the District’s website. Pay For It is available 24/7 to put money on a student’s account. Students still have the option of purchasing their lunch on a daily basis with cash. No change will be given; it will be put on the student’s account. All money left on the account at the end of the year stays with the student and will transfer to the next grade and school year.  You might want to put money on the student’s account for days when they might forget their lunch or lunch money. Please do not combine lunch money on the same check or money order for other fees. It would also help us if you put your student’s name on the check.
    Free or reduced-price lunch program:
    A free or reduced-price lunch program is available for all eligible students. Please use the link on this page to apply for this confidential program.   If you prefer not to apply online, a link to a paper application is include on this page.  Paper applications may also be picked up at each school office or at the Board of Education office.
    If you need any other assistance or information please contact your building cafeteria or Mr. Steve Robinson at 330-664-4810.