2013 NEOTech and OCSS Presentation by Becky Eckels and Jay Wise
    "Using iPads to Push & Pull Knowledge & Participation"
    Pre-Conference: If you are planning on attending our session we will be demonstrating educational application of the following, feel free to download to your Smart Device and participate with us!
    nearpod   NearPod App (free) for Apple iPad from the App Store
     educreations  - Educreations App (free) for Apple iPad from the App Store
     popplet  Popplet Lite (free) App for Apple iPad from the App Store
     schoology  Schoology App (free)  and Kindle for Apple, Android

    Post-Conference: Thanks for sitting in on our presentation at the 2013 NEO Tech Conference!  Here are links from our session:
    • Handout at NEOTECH and OCSS Sessions (PDF)
    • PowerPoint Presentation file at NeoTech 2013, Spring 2013 (PDF)
    • PowerPoint Presentation file at OCSS 2013, October 1, 2013 (PDF)
    • Link to the NearPod lesson we shared at NeoTech and OCSS (you will need free NearPod account to view) 
    • Link to do the NearPod Lesson on your own pace from the OCSS Conference (you do NOT need an account to do)
    • Comparison of Lesson created for PowerPoint vs. a NearPod conversion to interactive (PDF)  
    • Example of student Primary Source image analysis using Educreations
    • Example of student presentation on Civil Rights using Educreations 
      • (note: this lesson was originally conceived as a Keynote App presentation that would be converted to Microsoft PowerPoint and showed later in class.  This did not work well and we had students screen-shot capture each Keynote page and inserted into Educreations and recorded so it would save it to the web).
    • Lesson "replay" using Educreations from the 2012-2013 school year using PowerPoint slides (saved as JPG's) and recording actual lesson.
Last Modified on September 30, 2013