Students should pursue worthwhile endeavors, showing persistence, care, and effort.
    Students should realize the motivations for their actions and give priority to duties and responsibilties rather than to conflicting impulses and desiresm being willing to sacrifice present satisfaction in order to receive long-term benefits.


    Michaela Barnett is my selection for PRIDE Tribe this week.  I have had several recent interactions with Michaela that has left me completely impressed with this Copley High School Junior.  Michaela is a passionate and articulate student that is very much trying to make a positive difference in her time here at Copley High School.  Michaela The “sky's the limit” with this young lady. She is the kind of person that will leave a lasting difference in this world.

    Michaela was nominated by Mr. Smith




    For the category of Perseverance, I want to nominate Jacob Dimick for Pride Tribe.  I met Jacob this year, and he definitely meets all of the criteria - Jacob arrives to class on time every day, is always focused during instruction, and follows school rules.  Most of all, Jacob is a very hard worker. And he continues to work, even when the work gets progressively harder throughout the school year. Great Job, Jacob. You should be very proud of yourself.  

    Jacob was nominated by Ms. Smith