• The Pupil Services Department


    Mission Statement

    To promote a comprehensive developmentally, age-appropriate and sequential student services programming that supports the academic, career and social-emotional development of all students.

  • Aimee Kirsch
    Director of Pupil Services
    Phone: (330) 664-4856

    Deborah Allen
    Coordinator of Student Services
    Phone: (330) 664-4858

    Rita Lewis
    Phone: (330) 664-4855


    November 2020

    November is dedicated to Mental Health and Wellness.  During this month each building will be engaging in special activities and classroom guidance lessons to promote healthy bodies and healthy minds.  

    November 16-20 is the 3rd Annual Wellness Fair!  This week long, virtual event will feature several guest speakers, resources from various mental health and wellness agencies, and many fun family and school challenges.  Click here for all the details!

    Wellness Week


    October 2020

    October is National Bully Prevention Month.  Every October, individuals from across the world unite with a powerful message that bullying should never be a part of childhood.  Each building has specific activities planned.  Please see your child's school newsletter and school counselor Google Classroom for specifics.


    October 4-10 is Mental Health Awareness Week.  The theme for the week is "What People with Mental Illness Want you to Know."  Throughout the week, organizations across the country will be raising the voices of those that live with mental health conditions and symptoms that are most misunderstood.  For more information visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) site. 

    October 10th is World Mental Health Day.  World Mental Health Day, comes at a time when lives have changed considerably as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The past months have brought many challenges to students, staff, and families.  This year the theme is "Mental Health for All."  On October 10th everyone is encouraged to practice self care and reach out to others who may be experiencing feelings of social isolation.    

    mental health day

    October 21st is Unity Day.  On this day our school community is asked to wear orange to prevent bullying and promote inclusion, acceptance, and kindness.

    Unity Day

    October 26-30th is Red Ribbon Week.  Did you know the Red Ribbon became a symbol for drug prevention in 1985?  During Red Ribbon Week students and staff will together be educated and participate in a variety of drug prevention activities. This year the theme is "Be Happy, Be Brave, Be Drug Free."

    Red Ribbon

    September 2020

    September 21-25, 2020 is Start with Hello Week.  Start with Hello Week is a nationwide program for grades K-12 which helps raise awareness of social isolation by educating students and the community on how to prevent it.  Each building has specific activities planned.  Please see your child's school newsletter for specifics.


    September 10, 2020 is World Suicide Prevention Day


    Suicide is a topic that is both extremely difficult to talk about, and one that we can't afford to ignore.  Among high school students, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death. Four out of five young people who attempt suicide show clear warning signs beforehand.  This means that we can look out for each other and help prevent suicide.  If a friend or classmate just isn’t acting like themselves, if their mood or behavior has changed, they’re withdrawing from friends, or they’re making statements about feeling hopeless or helpless; they could be thinking about suicide.  The best way you can support them is to help them talk to a trusted adult as soon as possible, such as their parents or a school counselor.  If you or someone you know needs immediate assistance, the emergency resources below are available 24/7.

    Suicide Prevention Lifeline- 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

    Crisis Text Line - Text HELLO to 741-741

    Emergency - Call 911


    Copley-Fairlawn Cares Food Program:     Copley Fairlawn City Schools is teaming up with the Copley Outreach Center to offer nutritious meals and snacks for children over weekends and extended breaks. Any child enrolled in Copley-Fairlawn Schools is eligible. If your child(ren) could benefit from this program, we encourage you to register by completing the opt-in form and returning it to the school office or school counselor.

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