Students should strive to discover and learn about people who are different
    from themselves and about cultures different from their own.


    Junior Janel Doss is well deserving of receiving this week’s Copley Pride Tribe award as a wonderful example of empathy.  As a Key Club member, Janel is always quick to volunteer for activities that enable her to work with younger students.  She has frequently been involved in assisting the PTA during their regular meeting by providing childcare for the children of attending members. It is the quality of her childcare that sets her apart and that I observed at the Key Club Holiday Childcare event held in December.  The children at this event gravitated to Janel because she not only graciously and enthusiastically welcomed them but was also mindful of their needs. She encouraged their participation and creativity, listened carefully to their conversations and created activities that provided a fun evening for the children.  At school, she brightens everyone’s day with her helpful outlook and can-do attitude. The Pride Tribe character trait of Empathy is beautifully demonstrated by Janel Doss in all she does in Key Club and daily in her interactions with everyone at CHS.  

    Janel was nominated by Ms.Regennitter




    I would like to nominate Emma Harrell for Pride Tribe for demonstrating the trait of empathy.  Emma has consistently helped those around her in class, whether it's getting someone caught up who has been absent, offering to loan notes, or sharing other resources. She also welcomes anyone to work with her and her groups. Additionally, she is supportive of other classmates and is encouraging. She's such a lovely person to have influencing our classroom.

    Merci! Madam Scavdis

    Emma was nominated by Madam Scavdis



    I would like to nominate Alec Hagan for Pride Tribe for the character trait of Perseverance. Alec has done a phenomenal job on the Soup Station this year. He demonstrates compassion when choosing, prepping, and making soups in his station. He works very hard on making sure that his junior in his station understands all of the components needed for making soups and guides them through the process. Alec has matured into a fine young man and is well-liked by all of his classmates. He always has a smile on his face and a funny saying or joke to go along with whatever he is working on or with. He is always willing to help out wherever needed and not afraid to try new recipes. Alec is truly a wonderful young man and an asset to the Culinary Program here at Copley High School.

    Alec was nominated by Mr. Schmeltzer