Students should develop personal strength and stability to draw upon in times of adversity.

    I nominate Sarah Skidmore for Pride Tribe.  Sarah is such a pleasant student to have in class.  Her work ethic is amazing and she makes an effort to try over and over until she masters her work.  Sarah works in the Spirit Shop and has become such a good worker. She greets many staff and students with a smile and sense of humor.  Sarah truly represents achievement and success is possible when you practice and work hard to learn new things.

    Sarah was nominated by Ms. Markin




    My choice for PRIDE TRIBE is Ashauna Jones. Ashauna works very hard every day to care for our animals. She is always diligent and her attention to detail makes her an exceptional student. She is kind and patient with any animal that she is assigned to, and she always makes sure they are cared for properly. She also works very hard to complete her assignments and turn them in on time. Ashauna has been dependable and responsible in my classroom, and I appreciate students like her very much. 

    Ashauna was nominated by Ms. McClenaghan



    I’d like to nominate Linda Huang for pride tribe. As a Freshman Linda has quickly adjusted to being a high school student. She has excelled academically and comes to school with a great attitude every day. Linda is respectful and professional in her actions and demeanor while going above and beyond to help the class with lab supplies. Linda is the type of person and student that everyone who interacts with her appreciates.

    Linda was nominated by Mr. Morgan










    Senior Gary Sutherland displays and models empathic behavior to his teachers, peers, and co-workers. Gary is mindful of the feelings of others when speaking with them and sensitive to the impact his communication has on the moods of people around him. He often encourages others and assists students in my class who need extra motivation to get assignments done.  Last week Gary was recognized by his employer, Bob Evans in Montrose, as employee of the month. His supervisor expressed how effective Gary is in working with co-workers and customers with consideration and empathy. Thank you Gary for being such a role-model in my class and at Copley High School.


    Gary was nominated by Mr. Oden





    I would like to nominate Molly Bagatto for Pride Tribe for demonstrating the trait of empathy.  Molly is unfailingly kind and considerate of others. I am particularly impressed by her commitment to social justice issues.  She sees the problems and prejudice faced by others and takes tangible steps to combat them. Molly is a role model for all of us and I am very proud of her.


    Molly was nominated by Mme Ong





    I would like to nominate Libby Blanchard for the Pride Tribe trait of empathy. Libby is an exceptional student who shows up every day ready to learn and participate. When working with other students, she is considerate of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and works to ensure that everyone can be successful. She works hard not only to improve herself but also those around her. Libby is respected by her peers and teachers, and her positive nature elevates our classroom environment.


    Libby was nominated by Ms. Morris