Students should show care, concern, and empathy for the needs of other persons without regard to
    race, religion, gender, age, economic status, and/or physical and mental condition.



    Freshman Garrett Scott is deserving of this week’s Pride Tribe nomination for many reasons. Garrett is an eager participant during class discussions and always comes to class prepared and willing to put forth an impressive amount of effort. He demonstrates creativity and critical thinking with all of his assignments. Garrett is always smiling and respectful. He has a great sense of humor, and he is kind to his peers. Simply put, he is a joy to have in class.


    Garrett was nominated by Mrs. Janiga




    I am pleased to nominate senior Jillian Neal for PRIDE Tribe.  Jillian demonstrates all of the characteristics of PRIDE Tribe consistently and contributes to the positive atmosphere here at the high school both in and out of the classroom.  Jillian is a strong leader in my AP World History classroom as well as on the soccer pitch.   In the classroom, Jillian is always well prepared, contributes her insights, and leads by example.  On the pitch, Jillian helped lead her team to the Regional Finals in Girls Soccer, the farthest any of our girls soccer teams have ever progressed, by playing in a relentless, resilient but sportsmanlike manner both on offense and defense.   Jillian suffered a knee injury in the Regional Final and was unable to continue to compete in the game, but she did not let this injury interfere with her school work.  She has persevered and turned in all work on time.  Jillian is a fine example of what being a Copley Indian is all about!   

    Jillian was nominated by Ms. Janini




    My choice for PRIDE Tribe is Faith Seagren.  Faith has shown a great amount of self-discipline and self-motivation over the course of the semester. Missing several days due to a concussion Faith made sure that she was keeping up in her coursework. Even with extended time due to her absence from class Faith turned her work in on time, and was ready to participate in class discussion when she returned to school. I am very impressed with her drive and determination to keep up with her school work and grades.

    Faith was nominated by Mr. Klein





    Cayla Drake is an excellent personification of all of the qualities of a well-disciplined student. She is one of the most self-disciplined and intrinsically motivated students that I have worked with. She is always proactive in her approach to learning and seems to truly understand the importance of working diligently and working honestly. Cayla can be counted on to get the job done on time and without sacrificing any integrity along the way.

    Cayla was nominated by Mr. Malcom



    Amir Robins is a very hard worker. He completes his assignments during class, is very responsible and turns everything in on time. Amir has been exceptional and helpful to the sub while I was out for surgery. He was dependable without being asked. Amir stepped up and assisted so that class could run smoothly without me there. I appreciate students like Amir.

    Amir was nominated by Ms. Lalos