Students should display good manners and politeness, showing the same
    respect for others as they would wish for themselves.



    I would like to nominate ninth grade student Reagan Grimes for Pride Tribe for demonstrating the trait of responsibility. Reagan is an integral part of her English 9 class as she participates in and adds insightful ideas to class discussions, utilizes her classroom work time effectively, and turns in her work on time on a daily basis. Reagan’s self-sufficient approach to her education allowed her to make a smooth transition to the high school.  Reagan provides an excellent example for her classmates to follow! Furthermore, Reagan’s upbeat attitude and personality simply make this classroom a better place to be each and every day. Keep up the great work Reagan!

    Raegan was nominated by Mr. Gaffney





    I would like to nominate 9th grader Kennedy Curry for Pride Tribe for demonstrating integrity on a daily basis in her Algebra I class. Kennedy has shown throughout the school year that she has a good heart and is committed to doing what is right and expected of a Copley High School student. She can always be counted on as a leader in class and is someone that others look to emulate as a result of her character. Her efforts in and out of the classroom are unquestioned, and she is truly deserving of this nomination. Congratulations, Kennedy, we couldn’t be prouder of you!


    Kennedy was nominated by Mr. Geosits




    I would like to nominate Kaylyn Hayden for Pride Tribe for demonstrating the trait of integrity.  Kaylyn is a freshman at CHS and has maintained her integrity and sense of self as she has successfully transitioned to the high school.   She works hard to prioritize and balance the different aspects of her life while working toward her goals.   Kaylyn is a role model for her peers and has a bright future ahead of her!

    Kaylyn was nominated by Ms. Gray



    I am happy to nominate Raquel Goins for Pride Tribe this week. She exudes responsibility, which can be seen in her work ethic in class. She works hard in class and is constantly helping others, students as well as staff. She is doing a great job this year, Keep it up Raquel.


    Raquel was nominated by Mr. Harder



    I would like to nominate Arwyn Pitts for Copley's Pride Tribe. Arwyn is a hardworking, responsible student who I have had in math class for the past two years. She always has her homework completed. If she doesn't understand something in class or on the homework she isn't afraid to ask a question. Arwyn is also very willing to help her fellow classmates if they are confused in class.

    Arwyn was nominated by Mr. Hauenstein



    I would like to nominate freshman, Kiyana Patel, for this week’s Pride Tribe.  Kiyana is a positive role model for her classmates in her effort as well as her attitude.  She consistently completes her assignments on time and her work is always thorough. She participates in class in a respectful, friendly manner and treats her fellow classmates with the respect and dignity that they deserve.  Kiyana has also shown the willingness, patience, and ability to help other students with the course work and has become quite the leader in the class.

    Kiyana Patel was nominated by Mr. Hopkins