Monday, September 29th, 2014
    Web Design
    We will continue working on the ANIMAL PROJECT.  Today you will be working on the ZOO and HABITAT pages, which have already been created for you in the ANIMAL folder in your directory.  Using the information from your research,  complete these two pages.  On the ZOO page, you will be created links to the actual zoos that have this animal and telling about how this animal lives in a zoo.  On the HABITAT page, you will be telling information about how this animal lives  in the wild.  You may insert the four pictures you found and saved in your directory.  Be sure you are hitting all the requirements from the rubric.
    Computer Programming
    Complete the handout given to you by the teacher.  This will be handed back in TODAY.  Tomorrow we will be taking a TEST over Visual Basic chapter 2.

    When completed, you will be working on the Program BANK on page. 102.  For each of the fields, use the proper abbreviations for type of object, ie: lbl, pic, btn. So the name of the first label would be: lblBankHeading.  The banking hours will be one label field.  It will need to be a MULTIPLE-LINE label object, which we have not learned how to do yet.  The instructions are on page  204 in the book. Be sure to save properly!!  If you are saving to your usb flash drive, click Save All and browse to the appropriate drive.  If you are saving to your H drive, remember you must save to the desktop first and then compress the file and drag the compressed folder to your H drive.  

    Detailed instructions for saving to the desktop
    In Visual Basic, click SAVE ALL
    click the BROWSE button
    Browse to the DESKTOP on the left side of the panel
    Click on your name on the right side of the panel
    Click on DESKTOP in the right side of the panel
    Create a new Folder named BANK
    Press Select, press Select again
    Press SAVE
    Once saved, close Visual Basic down
    Right click on the BANK folder on your desktop
    Send to COMPRESSED (ZIPPED) folder
    Open your H Drive, drag the ZIPPED folder to your Computer Programming File Folder 
    Hand in the paper at the end of the period. 
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