• October/Honesty
    Students should be truthful and trustworthy in their relationships with others.



    I am so pleased to nominate one of my students, Xavier Sledge, for the Pride Tribe attribute of Perseverance. On a daily basis, Xavier faces his high school challenges with a great, positive attitude.  Xavier contributes to the positive culture of the high school by going directly to his destination when arriving at school and throughout his day. Xavier models perseverance through his continued effort to work even when the work gets hard.

    Xavier was nominated by Ms. Chalfant 






    I would like to nominate Cassie Bauer for this month's PRIDE tribe attribute of perseverance.  Cassie quietly goes about the business of being one of the most prepared, diligent and hard-working students I've had the good fortune of knowing.  She has taken to the challenge of AP US History with focused commitment and has consistently given her full attention and time to preparing for and participating in the class and completing assignments.  She elevates others in the class by modeling expectations and with her strong work ethic. Additionally, Cassie has encountered injuries and other medical circumstances outside of the classroom that would be a hurdle for any of us but still, she dealt with them with courage and persistence.  I am pleased to be Cassie's teacher and to see her friendly smile each and every day. Thank you, Cassie and congratulations!


    Cassie was nominated by Ms. Chupek




    I would like to nominate Janel Doss for being a responsible and reliable student at Copley High School. Janel is a junior who accepts responsibility on a daily basis by leading the junior class as a student council representative, as well as helping work with our special needs students in the spirit shop. In addition, Janel is a positive role model for all the students at CHS and is respected by her peers and teachers.


    Janel was nominated by Mr. Falhamer


    JOHN (Scott) KERR


    I would like to recognize John (Scott) Kerr a 9th grader in my American History class for his perseverance and work ethic he has shown this year in my class.  Scott admittedly has not always put forth the work need to have success in school in previous years but has shown this year he is willing and able to have success in the classroom, persevering even when assignments are difficult in the beginning.  Congratulations Scott on the great start to your high school career. 


    Scott was nominated by Mr. Chouinard






    I nominate Sarah Boyle for PRIDE Tribe. She demonstrates responsibility beyond her years. Sarah is a diligent student who works hard to do well in school and it shows. She practices self-reflection often to improve on herself and isn't afraid to give honest and helpful feedback to adults when they ask.


    Sarah was nominated by Mr. Eck 





    I would like to nominate Jaci Moses for PRIDE tribe.  Jaci is a lovely young lady and a joy to have in class.  She is a hard-working student, puts in the work needed to be successful inside and outside of the classroom.  Recently Jaci was absent from school and took the initiative to make up the missed work on her own. Way to go Jaci, I am proud of you!

    Jaci was nominated by Ms. Crocker 



    I would like to nominate Nate Ezzie for my Pride Tribe recipient.  Nate is a junior who displays responsibility in everything he does.  He has been an advocate for himself and seeks out the necessary people when he has questions.  Nate is enrolled in the Compact program in the morning and then takes classes at CHS. He has diligently completed his classwork and continued to maintain excellent grades.  Nate always comes to class prepared, engaged and ready to learn. He continues to balance school and extra-curriculars and is a perfect example of what a responsible Pride Tribe recipient should display.

    Nate was nominated by Mr. Collins



    I would like to nominate William Peters for PRIDE tribe!  Billy has been determined to make this year a great year.  He is completing his work on a regular basis this year and being an active member in his classes.  He continually wants to know what he needs to improve on to help him achieve his goals for this year!

    William was nominated by Ms. Coley



    I would like to nominate Celeste Brayer for this month's Pride Tribe characteristic of 'Responsibility'.  Celeste has shown good effort to start the year in her Government class.  She has shown responsibility in completing assignments and advocating for herself and her grade.  When Celeste has faced difficulties with Government content, she has done the responsible thing by contacting her teacher.  Celeste has been quiet and reserved in class for most of the year, but she has been responsible enough to overcome her quiet demeanor, communicate, and do what needs to be done to be successful.

    Celeste was nominated by Mr. Dies



    Haylie Mirman is very deserving of the Pride Tribe award for Responsibility. She's had a major physical challenge at the start of the school year and has gone through great efforts to keep it all together emotionally and academically. She kept smiling and pushing herself through it all, even when it would have been so much easier to feel sorry for herself and give up. Stay strong, Haylie!

    Haylie was nominated by Ms. Dishion



    I would like to nominate Johnny Pugh for Pride Tribe this week. Johnny is a responsible student who serves as a positive role model for the underclassmen here at CHS. He accepts responsibility on a daily basis by asking questions in class, turning in all of his classwork, meeting with his teachers when necessary, and working to his full potential.  He works hard and is respected by his peers and teachers. However, Johnny is more than academically responsible - recently, when a student dropped some money in class, Johnny returned the money to that student. This shows not only responsibility but also integrity and honesty.

    Johnny was nominated by Mary Ferrise




    I am nominating Madison Margie for Pride Tribe for the trait of responsibility.  Madison is a freshman in my Algebra 1 Pre-AP class and while she is a responsible student on a daily basis, I was very impressed when she came to me a few weeks ago to tell me she would be out of town for a four-day weekend, missing class on Friday and Monday.  She told me well in advance of the trip, and again as it got closer. I gave her the work that she would miss, and when she came back to school on Tuesday she turned everything in, plus she was ready to take the quiz with the rest of the class. I have not had many students show this level of responsibility when they miss school, and it was greatly appreciated on my part!


    Madison was nominated by Ms. Flanagan