• September/Responsibility
    Students should exercise sound thinking and good judgment, as they are personally and ethically accountable for their actions.  Students should work with others to strengthen the family and improve their community, the state, the nation, and the world for everyone.



    It is with great pride that I recommend Ryan Towell for Pride Tribe.  Ryan is a freshman who is demonstrating responsibility by being to class on time and completing all of his homework.  On a daily basis, Ryan is leading his Geometry class by his actions by always being prepared for class and continually participating in classroom discussion. His actions in class also encourage his fellow students to participate.  


    Ryan Towell was nominated by Mr. Allen



    I am so pleased to nominate one of my students, Garrett Dorco, for the Pride Tribe attribute of Perseverance.  On a daily basis, Garrett faces his high school challenges with a great, positive attitude.  Garrett models perseverance through his willingness to try new things.  Garrett contributes to the positive culture of the high school by always being polite and respectful.  Because of these attributes, he has earned the respect and admiration of his teachers and peers.

    Garrett Dorco was nominated by Mr. Abraham


    Sarah Ridings is a leader in this school as a cheerleader. She is kind, helpful and conscientious about her classes and work. Above all, she is a creative and an awesome artist. 

    Sarah Ridings was nominated by Ms. Addis





    I would like to nominate Emma Canode for PRIDE Tribe this week. In the first few weeks of school, I have seen Emma exhibit not just perseverance, but all of the character traits of PRIDE. She is an honest, responsible student who comes to class prepared, positive, and motivated every day. Emma is a great example for her peers and is well-deserving of this recognition!


    Emma was nominated by Ms. Beagle 



    I am excited to nominate Laci Smoot for the PRIDE Tribe attribute of Perseverance.  Laci is a polite, quiet, somewhat shy Junior who is persevering through an Intro to Public Speaking Class, a Distant Learning Course, in the CHS Media Center.  Laci chose to continue to stick to the plan and take the class despite finding out there are 5 speeches she has to present to the entire class!   

    Way to go Laci!!

    Laci was nominated by Ms. Basnett



    Eden Osborne characterizes the trait of perseverance because she continues to maintain her personal integrity and is not afraid to be herself. She has dealt with many changes and hardships in the past few years of her life and continues to be an outstanding student and role model. Eden thrives in many environments and has succeeded in her academics no matter the situation. She is positive, caring and thrives when challenged. Eden will continue to be a success here at Copley and in all phases of life!

    Eden was nominated by Ms. Baur


    I am happy to nominate Angel Smith for Pride Tribe this week. She exudes perseverance, which can be seen in her work ethic in class. She works hard in class even if the topics are difficult, and is always willing to help her peers in class to understand tough concepts she has figured out. Keep up the great work this year Angel!

    Angel was nominated by Mr. Beard



    I nominate Maia Ransom for this week’s PRIDE Tribe for her exhibition of the quality of “perseverance.”  As many know, Maia is a fantastic soccer player who recently suffered an injury that required surgery. She immediately contacted all of her teachers to let them know of her situation and promised to make-up any missed work upon her return. Today, September 9th, and in spite of her injury, Maia returned to school with missed work ready to turn in. Her determination to achieve success both academically and athletically is demonstrated by her hard work ethic and positive demeanor. Maia exemplifies all that is best about Copley student-athletes.

    Maia was nominated by Ms. Brown


    Grace Rochford is a freshman Algebra 1 student who has already shown great perseverance in class by working extra hard and coming in during her learning lab for help.  Grace will continue to persevere with her winning work ethic and desire to succeed in her classes!

    Grace was nominated by Mr. Boerema



    I would like to nominate Joseph Beynon. Joe always gives 100% effort in class and is willing to participate in discussions. I know that Joe will be very successful in high school because of his positive attitude and good work ethic.


    Joe was nominated by Ms. Carothers

    I nominate Jeremy Cowgill for Pride Tribe this week due to his perseverance. Jeremy is in the GenYes program, and he designed and printed a professional looking vinyl banner for the “Start with Hello” program that the district guidance department is sponsoring. Jeremy was given a two-week deadline, and he finished the project within two days. When he was asked to make modifications to his design, he made them and also went above what he was asked to do. Jeremy was focused, continued working even when faced with difficulty, and modeled perseverance to his classmates.  


    Jeremy was nominated by Ms. Casida