• Renee
    Renee Bellis
    Nominated by Mrs. Lisa Ong

    This is my third year as French teacher for senior Renee Bellis and it is my pleasure to nominate her for Student of the Month.  Renee is a joy to have in class.  She does not know what a bad attitude is!  Just the opposite!  She relishes learning new things and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions or probe for more information.  Accordingly, she is meticulous with her work and without fail prepared for class and always looking ahead, managing her busy schedule with care.  As a result, Renee has cultivated a high level of proficiency in French.  I feel that her writing is her biggest strength.  It is characterized by clarity and precision.

    Just as important as her academic excellence, Renee is kindhearted and caring toward her fellow students.  She displays a strength of character and maturity which make me confident that she will make good choices and even thrive when she goes off to college in the fall.  But of course, I will miss Renee dearly because she is every teacher’s dream student.