Gifted Education Services

    Grades K-2
    Official gifted services begin in 3rd grade.  However, students in grades K-2 receive ongoing differentiated instruction from their classroom teachers with support from the Enrichment Tutor.

    Grades 3-4
    In grades 3-4, identified gifted students recieve services in their regular classroom through differentiation in the content area(s) where they are identified as gifted. Students who meet the district criteria to attend enrichment, will meet with the enrichment tutor during I/E time.

    Grades 5-8
    In grades 5-8, gifted students who are identified as gifted in both superior cognitive and reading  will receive services from the Gifted Specialist for English Language Arts.  Students who are identified as gifted in reading or superior cognitive are cluster grouped with a general educaiton teacher who has training in the needs of gifted learners.

    In grades 5-8, advanced math classes are offered to students who are identified as gifted.

    Enrichment opportunities are available for students to participate in: Academic Challenge, Chess, Power of the Pen, Math Competitions, Science Olympiad, Spelling Bee, and Speech and Debate.

    Grades 9-12
    There are many options to participate in challenging coursework such as Honors and AP courses.  Please see the high school course catalog and guidance department for details.  There are also many enrichment opportunities through clubs and academic competitions.