• Criteria for Services


    Criteria for Enrichment in Grades 3-4

    A Standard Age Score of 128 or above on the CogAT identifies a student as gifted in the area of superior cognitive.  A score of 95% or higher on the i-Ready Reading or Math test (2nd-8th grade) identifies a student as gifted in that specific academic area.  

    Students who are identified as gifted are served in their regular classroom through cluster grouping and differentiation in the content area to meet their individual needs.


    To be eligible for placement in the district’s enrichment program, your child must meet the district criteria:

    • Students with a 120 composite Standard Age Score must also have a reading score of 90% or above on the i-Ready reading achievement test or another nationally normed assessment.


    Criteria for Gifted Services in Grades 5-8

    • To participate in the gifted English Language Arts class, students must be identified as gifted in both superior cognitive and reading. 
    • To participate in the cluster grouped English Language arts classes students must be identified as gifted in either reading or superior cognitive.
    • Students who are gifted in the area(s) of superior cognitive and/or math will participate in advanced math.