• Welcome to the Secret Garden  Breanna   Garden
    The Secret Garden was dedicated in loving memory of Breanna Rae Long on Friday, May 10, 2002.  Breanna was in first grade at Herberich Primary when she passed away on March 21, 2001 from complications of chemotherapy while being treated for leukemia. 
    The creation of The Secret Garden was made possible in part by the donation of the proceeds from the Copley-Fairlawn City Schools' Sixth Annual Fall Craft Fest, and the efforts of The Secret Garden Committee and Herberich PTA.  The vision was to offer our children a beautiful and peaceful place to learn about and appreciate nature.
    Breanna loved butterflies.  Mrs. Beverly J. DeSimone, local author, dedicated her book "Mommy, Where do all the Butterflies go?" to the memory of Breanna, with a donation being made to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Northern Ohio Chapter from all sales.
    Life Is Like A Butterfly  
    - by Geraldine F. Reeves
      Carmel, California  
    Life is like a butterfly,
    Softly, softly ...
    One never knows why ...
    It touches your cheek, then says, "goodbye."
    Fragile and sweet, like blooming flowers
    Life's loves and trials last only the hours
    That they touch your heart, then say "goodbye"
    Life is like a butterfly.