Links to Online Resources:
Gale Student Resources
A searchable database with over 15,000,000 articles on academic content from Romeo and Juliet to the recession.  There are also hundreds of searchable ebooks on a variety of academic topics.  Conduct a "Power Search" and yield better results than Google can ever offer.  Please ask the high school library staff for the username and password so you can access this resource from home.
InfOhio Resources
InfOhio is a state-funded site with thousands of resources, including:
EBSCO - a database which provides full-text online articles from over 6,000 magazines, newspapers, and professional resources.
World Book Web - online encyclopedia that provides over 100,000 full-text articles, graphics, and Internet links on a variety of subjects.  Can be accessed in over 17 languages and includes a large selection of ebooks.
Science Online - Thousands of essays on major topics and issues in science, math and technology, along with illustrations, experiments, activities and biographies.
And many more . . . Please ask the high school library staff for the username and password so you can access these resources from home.
Copley High School Online Catalog
The online catalog includes all fiction/non-fiction books, ebooks, videos, equipment, and professional collection resources that are available in the Copley High School library.  Try a keyword search to find a book for a research paper or search for your favorite young adult author.   Check out the Nook--a new eBook reader.
Student H: Drive
Students can access their H: drive on any school computer or at home by going to https://www.myhdrive.com.  When prompted, enter in your username and password.
Animation Websites for Digital Video Projects
Music Resource and Creation Websites
Research Project Calculator
Know It Now 24x7
Chat with a librarian about research questions, homework, book recommendations, etc.  The librarians will direct you to websites that will answer your questions in real-time.