Washington, DC Welcome to Mr. Wise's Web Page!

For 2012-2013 I will be utilizing Schoology.com as my on-line classroom.  It is a free, multi-faceted student learning and management system that is available on-line and through Apps for Android devices, iPad, iPhone and iPod.  Students will be given access to use this system at school and at home (as needed).  Through Schoology, student will:

  • Be able to access resources from class, such as second copies of handouts, etc.
  • Submit assignments electronically (optional from home) easily through the "dropbox" function.
  • Ask questions of me or other classmates in a Facebook-like format that is moderated by the teacher.
  • Make up assignments or short assessments from class at home in a secure manner.
Lincon FXThe best method for contacting me is through e-mail.  My address begins with jay.wise then the @ sign and ends with copley-fairlawn.org
My availability for phone or parent/teacher conferences for 2012-2013 will be available after school begins August 23, 2012.  Voice-mails will be returned as practical during the school day, however it is always possible it may not be returned until the next day.
Last Modified on August 8, 2012