Classroom Happenings

Check back here for news and notes related to Pre-Algebra and Geometry!
The end of the school year is quickly approaching and warm weather is (mostly) upon us. The Pre-Algebra students are into chapter 8 now where they are learning to graph equations and inequalities. They are learning about slopes and where they apply to the real world.The Geometry students are nearly finished with Chapter 6 and soon will be in Chapter 7 where they will be learning about ratios and proportions and how to apply them to geometric figures. Midterms for the 4th grading period will be up soon, and students will soon be preparing for final exams in June. Remember that students need to meet a 2/3 criteria to receive credit for a class: they must pass at a minimum two of the following: 3rd nine weeks, 4th nine weeks, final exam. Students that did not pass the third grading period will be required to pass both the 4th nine weeks and the final exam in order to receive credit for a class. Please continue to monitor progress book for updates on your child's status. 
The classroom webpage has been updated to be more streamlined and user friendly. Please check back to the homepage and its tabs for all things related to Mr. Geosits' classroom!


Last Modified on April 11, 2014