Classroom Happenings

Hello all! The school year is moving quickly and I'm anxious to see just how much better it can get! In Geometry, we're just finishing Chapter 3 of the text and will be starting into Chapter 4 where we will be looking at congruence among triangles. The students will be learning several postulates and theorems that will help to identify relationships among triangles. There are a number of terms and definitions in this chapter to master, and using the Quizlet link on the front page of my website is a great place for some additional prep. Click on the Quizlet tab on the main page, then follow the link to sign up for my page. The first four chapters are ready to go and hopefully the students are too! With the holiday season upon us, things will move quickly! There are several breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter) and midterm exams are coming up soon. Exams will be held from December 17-19. Please check with your children to make sure they have notes and study guides prepared and have all assignments completed before leaving for break!


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