Spanish IV grading

This year I will be using the weighted grading system, but I am changing the weights a little. Tests will be weighted 25, quizzes 15, homework 5, projects and listening activities 10, speaking assessments 15 and all other assignment types will still be weighted 5.
Here is an example of weighted grading.
weights:                                                                  points                      points earned
quiz 15                                                                         50                               45
test 25                                                                         100                             89
Homework 5                                                               30                               25
First find the percentage of points vs. points earned
quiz               .9
test                .89
homework    .83
Then take these decimals and multiply them against the weights to find the earned weight grade for each assignment type.
quiz                               13.5
test                                22.5
homework                     4.2
Lastly you total up the earned weighted grades and divide them by the total possible weighted grades.
                                       Earned                       Possible
                                            40.2                            50
Grade percentage-  40.2/50      =      80%

Last Modified on August 22, 2013