CFS Foundation
Educator Grant Information

The Copley-Fairlawn Schools Foundation actively assists students and staff in their pursuit of excellence. The Foundation awards teacher educational grants for outstanding education projects which will benefit students and enhance teaching-learning opportunities. The Foundation provides assistance to the schools, classroom teachers, and students to enhance their financial capabilities.

Educator Grant Criteria

The Copley-Fairlawn Schools Foundation provides funding for grants (up to $500 each) for projects that enrich classroom instruction, promote student learning, and further educational opportunities for students in the district.



1. Any educational instructor employed by the Copley-Fairlawn City School District may apply for a grant.

2. Grant applications must be submitted in full to the building principal no later than the first school day of the month in which action is sought. If the principal approves of the proposal, he/she will sign it and submit it to the Assistant Superintendent. If the Assistant Superintendent approves of the proposal, he/she will forward it to the Foundation for consideration.

3. Applications must be submitted in full, include a budgetary breakdown and be submitted by the first Wednesday of the month to the Director of Educational Services.

4. Funding will be considered in regard to the following:

A. First priority - projects benefitting more than 100 students
B. Second priority - projects benefitting more than 50 students
C. Third priority - projects benefitting more than 20 students
D. Fourth priority - projects benefitting small groups
E. Fifth priority - projects benefitting individuals (not to exceed $50.)

This program is made possible through contributions to the
Copley-Fairlawn Schools Foundation.


Educator Grant Guidelines

Proposals for projects which involve one or more of the following are encouraged:

• directly benefit students
• lead to improvement in the academic skills of students
• investigate new approaches/techniques of teaching
• serve as a role model for other classes in the district
• involve interdisciplinary/team teaching
• promote collaboration between the community and the school

Grants MAY NOT be used to pay for:

• project requests for the purchase of materials only
• materials and supplies normally funded by the school or district
• continuing support for previously funded projects

Applications must be typed or clearly printed. Each application must have the proper authorization from the building principal for consideration. Make a copy of the final form for your records.