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  • FIPS Kindergartners are Mapping!

    The kindergarteners in Room 102 have been working on a mapping unit. At home, they created buildings that are seen throughout a community. The students then created a 2D map in small groups. Next, they recreated their maps into a 3D community using the buildings.

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  • Fourth Grade Visits the Akron Art Museum

    Fort Island Fourth Graders visited the Akron Art Museum to see a special exhibit called "Intersections:Artists Master Line and Space". The students studied the work of the six sculptors featured in the show and created their own sculptures before the field trip. They were able to see and interact with the works from those contemporary artists and learned that there is a lot to consider when making 3D art!

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  • FIPS Fourth Grade History Presentation

    Fourth graders at Fort Island listened intently to a presentation from the Historical Society of Akron. Our presenter spoke about the Prehistoric people who first came to Ohio and then those who came after history was written down. Her presentation tied in perfectly to our current studies in Social Studies. The students had many primary and secondary sources they could handle and touch. Our favorite was the beautiful blackish/red obsidian rock and the animal hides!

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